4-H Clubs

4-H has had a rich history that has generally mirrored the history of our great nation.  During the early years 4-H wanted to improve agricultural production and food preservation through the youth of America.  In later years the organization’s concern switched to the development of young people and working to meet their needs.  This change occurred because 4-H began broadening their branches to reach urban areas and incorporate new activities and programs that interested a wide range of children from all age groups and backgrounds.

Rusk County’s 4-H history started in 1921 by Jen Hiffernon who started the Onaway 4-H Club, Rusk County’s first club.  Many of today’s Rusk County 4-H clubs have been operating for over fifty years.  The unique history of our county’s 4-H program is built upon the endless volunteers, community members, youth, and extension employees that have worked so hard to provide programs and activities that expand our youth’s experiences and well being.

Today 4-H is still committed to serving all youth, grades K-13, within the community.  The educational programs that 4-H provides supports the mental, physical, and social growth of today’s youth.  4-H provides the opportunity for youth to master new skills, learn practical decision making, learn and relate skills to careers, expand leadership abilities, learn to set and attain goals, plan and manage time wisely, and to develop ambition, initiative, and responsibility.

4-H provides numerous opportunities for today’s youth to get involved.  Besides being involved in a club environment and meeting youth throughout the county, 4-H also provides contests, conferences, camps, leadership training, international programs, research programs, and scholarships.

4-H is a unique opportunity that is waiting for you.


Rusk County 4-H Club Contact List

Blue Hills Beasts – Monica Nohr 920-594-0701

Cloudwalkers (Sheldon) – Denise Warner  715-290-0170

Cloverland (Ladysmith) – Kim LaPorte  715-322-4367

Deertail (Tony) – Diane van Doorn  715-532-3857 or Lori Applebee 715-403-0934

Happy Hayseeds (Sheldon) – Bruce Thorpe 715-415-0280

Hoofbeats (Ladysmith) – Julie van Doorn at 715-532-5150 or Heather Isham 715-415-1840

Lakeside (Holcombe) – Tracey Larson 715-773-0172

Marshall Marchers (Sheldon) – Heidi Williams 715-290-0056

Onni-Padi-Doon (Glen Flora) – Cindy Verdegan 715-567-0737 or 715-668-5446

Riverside (Jump River) – Marlene Skabroud  715-668-5438 or Jody Oelkers 715-452-5392

Rusk Rockets (Weyerhaeuser) – Tammy Zajec  715-415-9005

4-H Club Contact List

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